Aldershot Cricket Club - History

Aldershot Cricket Club was formed in 1947 through the efforts of the local Borough Council and local businessmen.

The early cricket whilst “friendly” rather than league was of a high standard and the ground of sufficient standard for Hampshire to play significant representative cricket there against the Combined Services and Cambridge University.

The club was a founding member of the 3 Counties League in 1972 and won the 1st XI League Title in 1973 finishing above the best sides in the local area. Whilst that was the club’s sole Division 1 title it remained competitive in the league until 1993 when it joined the larger Thames Valley League, its current position in Division 2 is jointly the highest league position it has held.

It has been poignant period for the club during the past 5 years as the club has commemorated the passing of John Astin, one of its founding members and Harry Kerry, who was a driving force behind the club for many years. Both men were very proud of the club and remained fully involved in the club throughout most of its life, they were enormously proud of the club and especially pleased with its current direction of travel which has seen the club make terrific strides in its youth development for both boys and girls as well as taking over ownership of a significant proportion of Aldershot Park to be utilised by its 3rd, 4th and 5th XIs.

Off the field the club is extremely well run by a enthusiastic and effective committee, their efforts have helped to establish an excellent facility with a well maintained pavilion used for social events, and up to date practice facilities.

Aldershot Cricket Club can be very proud of the role it has played in the local community, providing a home to Airlog Joggers, Aldershot and Farnham Hockey Club and for a short time Aldershot and Fleet Rugby Club.

The club has continually encouraged participation from people of all backgrounds and ethnicity, the perception of cricket in often that it is played by a wealthy elite, nothing could be further from the truth at Aldershot which also has a thriving and successful Ladies Team.